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Ivan Kovalenko is among our readers' well-known names, after he contributed to our mix series with two mixes via his pseudonyms Divion and Ekzoid. After releases for Platform Music and some other dubstep labels, the Belarusian brings us four new tracks for our sixth free release. For them Ivan has chosen his Divion alter-ego, which until recently we related more to his 140 bpm bass sound. However, the performer has chosen to develop his pseudonym towards other dimensions, creating these four tracks in totally different genres.

LFREE006 is called "The Next Way EP" and starts with the track "Faithful". The bass power is easily felt, but somewhat minimized seeing as the track has a tendency towards the ambient and drone sound. The atmosphere in "Faithful" transport us in a new musical dimension and leave the listener's conscience levitating between the harmony of sounds and echoing tones. Divion enters our familiar amplóa of a dark dubstep producer with the second track on the EP, "Subdual". The heavy low frequency power, emphasized by the dark tones and attractive musical decision, Subdual is a perfect follow-up for Divion, but is far more aggressive and fast. The EP's tempo is raised notably with "Metera", which is constructed with the classic DnB patters and rhythm. The dark elements from the previous two pieces again create the foundational atmosphere, which develops in a fast, deep 175-bpm rhythm. "Inside Us" creates a little bit more of a dance-y vibe with its garage structure and vocal sample. The reversed snare draws the listener's attention and is capable of making anyone move around, while the track itself is not at all different to the dark atmosphere of the EP as a whole.

"The Next Way EP" can be found on our Bandcamp profile and is available entirely for free. If you want, you can donate a sum of your choice for the four tracks, but, as always, this is entirely optional. We hope LFREE006 satisfies the musical taste of our fans and introduces them to some of the musical genres that are not covered by our platform as often as others.

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