For us, as a team, this year has been more than successful. Our unpretentious and significantly lower in numbers collective had undertook the heavy burden of covering as many as possible local and international festivals this summer. Our numerous journeys to all kinds of destinations prevented us from putting out a continuous stream of content. That's the reason we decided to be "a little bit quieter" during the summer months. But, for better or worse, the summer is now transitioning into autumn and the start of the new season is right around the corner. Our team is situated entirely in Sofia, which gives us the opportunity to cover more releases and local parties during the season. But even though the open-air season is nearly over, the closed-air season offers us a serious dose of festival emotions as well.

Our readers have probably caught on the fact that we have an affinity to bigger drum and bass events in Prague and its surrounding area. Our continuous coverage of both the summer and winter editions of Let it Roll offer a good amount of content on the Czech capital. This season we're going to strengthen the interest in the "golden city" with our coverage of the latest edition of IMAGINATION FESTIVAL.

The date of the event is the 24th on November and it's going to be held in Expo Holesovice. Our English-speaking readers would probably have read some articles about the location and know that this is the biggest closed venue in Prague, capable of offering musical emotions on par with any other closed venue we can think of. And if our previous articles on The Czech Republic were mainly about the drum and bass styles, IMAGINATION FESTIVAL offers its audience the chance to hear something more from the hardcore and hardstyle genres of electronic music. Thanks to our partners at Party Travel, we can share with you the full lineup of the event. The list features several names that have finished in the latest DJ Mag's Top 100 list and a number of the world's leading artists in drum and bass, hardcore and hardstyle.

Imagination Drum and Bass Mainstage #1 would cause interest in DnB lovers (as is evident from the stage's name). A number of legendary 175 BPM names are going to go behind the decks here, supported by a long list of younger and up and coming DJs. Pendulum are going to present a DJ set, while Black Sun Empire and State of Mind are going for a b2b session. Another strong b2b would be that of Maztek and Gridlok, who also have several collaborative sessions behind their backs. The Delta Heavy duo are in the pick of their career, while we can say the same thing for the fresh Canadian addition of Bensley. The masked Italians from Hallucinator and their Venezuelan colleague Zardonic are going to amp up the stage with a little bit of a harder sound. The Brits from Document One and the Czech artists A-Cray and Madface are closing the list of artists featured on the lineup. And all of this is going to blow up the audience's minds (and ears) in a single night - the 24th of November.

Devastator Harder Styles Mainstage # 2 is going to offer emotions for the fans of the harder electronic sound. Behind the decks on this stage we can find the recently returned to his hardstyle roots legend that is Headhunterz. Another strong hardstyle project that made it in the Top 100 is Da Tweekaz. They're also going to be a part of Imagination Festival's second stage. Along with them we're going to see the Ukrainian diva Miss K8, which became the hardcore scene's best known name in the last few years. Other than these names, we can see the likes of Polish hardstyle project Regain, Uptempo DJ Estasia, along with Destructive TendenciesPhuture Noize, exclusive versus set of The Sickest Squad and Hungry BeatsManene and Mindjacker vs. Mejsi. The stage will be hosted by MC Tha Watcher.

Last, but not least, is Knockout Stage #3 where you will be more than welcome to enjoy jump up stars as DJ Guv and Levela, British drum & bass duo Annix, Mollie Collins, Mattiv, neurofunk killers from Zombie Cats, Rido and exclusive versus set of Donny with Forbidden Society. In the darkest hours, we will welcome the infamous French dark drum & bass act – Katharsys. Stage will be hosted by MC Coppa.

Tickets for the event are already on sale and are distributed in two price categories - for €31 and €44. You can also get a combined ticket, giving you access to Imagination Festival on Friday and Transmission on Saturday.

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