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Spaniard duo Dub Elements are ready to drop their latest release for Viper Recordings. Their brand-new single "Fire Power / Black Fog" is due to drop tomorrow and has been deservedly receiving huge support by some of the most respected artists and radio-stations in the branch.

The two pieces, Fire Power and Black Fog, are filled with Dub Elements' trademark high-voltage, digitalized sound, sound that gave them absolute recognition on the world stage. The first trakc's vocal sample urges for "maximum fore power"! That, of course, is exactly the case here, as Dub Elements don't spare a single bullet! Fast-moving sounds, splendidly arranged into an aggressive drum session, enhanced by the numerous digital sounds and thick bass line. Setting fire will definitely be easier after tomorrow's release. Black Fog , on the other hand, is much more darker and minimalistic. The dark elements in the track, as well as the rich ambient background deliver the real depth of the release. And finally, if Fire Power covers all forms of modern Neurofunk with it's loud and aggressive sounding, than Black Fog balances the installment with its grim and more adynamic sound flow.

Release Date: June 16th

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