Premiere: Late - Blood EP | Amek Collective

Late is the latest addition to the roster of the Bulgarian label and booking crew Amek Collective. Usually digging in the fields of ambient, noise and drone they are now hitting hard with their most rhythmic release up to date. Late himself is debuting on the label with his 7-tracks installment, which we at Low Frequencies, are exclusively premiering. BLOOD is officially out today on digital & tape (limited to 50 copies). Get yours from Bandcamp or the official Amek Bigcartel store. But before pressing play or buy, here's what Amek have to say about their new tape:

"BLOOD comes straight from the urban dungeons of Sofia, Bulgaria. It features six UK bass music-influenced tracks. LATE hasn't spared us the deep lows, bit- crushed beats and isolationist atmospheres. Broken sound design artifacts and violent breaks manage to glue all of his visions in a pitch black and punchy mix of experimental bass music. If that's not enough, we have local techno duo RoboKnob with a massive remix of the self-titled piece."

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