Belarusian artist Ivan Kovalenko returns to our mix series. A few months ago he debuted on our mixcloud with podcast #43. Back then, Ivan's latest EP was released by Platform Music. Both tracks 'The Shadows' and 'Ancient Era' were included in the mix, alongside several more deep Dubstep pieces. Now, the artist is crafted another 140-bpm session, but this time the focus is a bit of changed. If Divion's work was classified as 'Deep", now Ivan will represent his another face and also his first artistic moniker - Ekzoid. And Ekzoid is more focused on the 'Harder' part of the Dubstep universe.

In the mix we have 38 tracks, mixed in just 70 minutes. The podcast reveals the harder side of Ivan's preferred music. The deep bassline is nicely cloaked under a heavy bunch of wobble sounds and aggressive synth waves. The Belarusian started his career several years ago with the Hard Dubstep and now wants to represent his skills in mixing this kind of 140's. And if our team and website crew just 'meh'-ed the subgenre since years, now we are open to change our mind if the hard dubstep pieces sound like this one.


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