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UK-based label LIFESTYLE MUSIC takes its mission to discover and present upcoming talent to the next level, reaching over to the underbelly of planet to curate their most ambitious project to date and deliver the 'AUSTRALIAN CONNECTION' LP. With this release, the Lifestyle Music team have unearthed a diverse collection of drum & bass artefacts that cover great deal of audio ground, delivering sonic technology both devastating and sublime from a selection of some of Australia's most promising producers.

The project is typical of the Lifestyle label, highly regarded for their commitment to sonic exploration with their regular podcast and mixes, as well as recognising and developing artists with great potential such as past collaborator Signal. That commitment to uncovering new talent has led to their eye being cast across Australia for the last year - scouring the Southern drum & bass sphere in search of the brightest creators down under. They have returned with a haul of some of the continents most intriguing producers, both emerging and established, picked from across the vast and wild landscape.

The LP is spearheaded by respected bass pioneers such as LOCKJAW, DAUNTLESS and GRAN CALAVERA who, between them, have racked up releases on legendary imprints like Invisible, Dispatch, Commercial Suicide and Flexout. Their deadly outlay is backed up by an array of fresh blood, with the finest tech energy that Oz has to offer, including Ewol, Euph, VLTRN, Terrence & Phillip, Okuli, and Manikin. The Australian Connection LP connects the hemispheres of drum & bass in an unprecedented and fresh way, channelling optimistic spirit and fresh energy across the globe with a wave of deeply effective audio.

Release Date: May 8th
Source: Terminal PR
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