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For PROGRAM's next release we welcome a true pillar of the tech-driven side of drum & bass to the label, with SKYNET delivering a pair of ruthlessly effective tracks - STUCK IN MIND and UNDERGROUND - as a 2 track single. Richly laced with the depth of technique and a level of musicality that only comes with an extensive talent and years of experience in audio manipulation, this is a release that thrusts Skynet back to the forefront of the scene with the taste-defining Program label cutting that path.

'Stuck in Mind''s haunting intro, with its verdant Asian vocal and fluorescent pads incepts a complex nocturnal cyberpunk vision, cut through by a lean undulating reese that ushers in a roller of technological purity that's at once both nostalgic and cutting edge.

'Underground' wears sleek racing stripes proudly, with an understated but insistent intermittent synthline setting the tension, ridden by a paranoid posthuman vocal sample that beckons the subdued power of a masterfully restrained, but complex and heavy drop in Skynet's signature style.

Skynet is an artist who has had an indelible effect on the drum & bass genre, a creator involved in forging the very foundations of tech-step, with past seminal releases to his name such as his Voyager LP, that retain a significant place in the history of this sound. With his return to the scene and development of new material that brings his sound back to the surgical edge of audio technology and dancefloor manipulation, it's firm proof that timelessness is truly timeless. So once again, it's time to get with the Program.

Release Date: May 31st
Source: Terminal PR
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