Release | Razlom - Arrival EP | Major League DNB

Not much is known about the new addition to the Major League DNB roster Razlom. Their debut release however, should strike a chord with lovers of dancefloor Drum & Bass and adventurous sound design alike. 'Arrival EP' sounds like experienced works, Razlom are bound to turn some heads with their intense sound design.

The opening track 'Dark Mist' is all about the Arrival of Razlom. An epic 3,5 minutes long intro leads into a beast of a workout. Pure madness. 'Hatred' is another mad cut with outlandish rhythms, while 'Black Mind' is a somewhat more violent sounding piece that is combined out of fat beats and roaring basslines with a breakdown that builds to an excellent pinnacle. On 'The Untouchables' they return to straight forward dancefloor action. Last but not least 'Flashback' is an energetic burner that has 'festival' written all over it. Tough drums and soaring synth leads make a complete effort that is destined for dancefloors world wide.

Source & Distribution: Triple Vision
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