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Intraspekt has arrived with two expressive tracks for MYN020 and is an artist who can deliver fresh ideas and vibes to his music.

Intraspekt takes us out with his next offering on Mayan Audio to the heavier side of his production and shows that he can combine unflinching sound design and demonstrate a variety of concepts.

Moody conveys a sense of suspense and danger in the introduction maintaining urgency through a brooding atmosphere with a percussive lead which crashes into an eruption of morphing bass and a hard as nails drum track. Intraspekt has perfectly mixed distorted horn notes with a cleverly placed modulation effect on the pitch that creates a grimy feeling, adding great fluidity to compliment an infusion of face melting bass all held together on top of bright steppy rolling breaks. Moody is a swirling sea of dark twisting drum and bass which creates a murky vibe and will add great contrast to any set.

Sloth Drop, on the flip side brings a different vibe. A wobbly arpeggiated introduction builds the scene winding its way up to an infectious bouncy roller . Intraspekt hooks you in with waves of gliding bass that add a unique heavy shiftlessness to the bass line which is placed over tight altering drum rhythms. Packed full of eerie soundscapes and finely crafted effects that carry the evolving nature of the track.

Release Date: June 16th
Beatport Exclusive: Friday, June 2nd
Source & Distribution: Cygnus Music
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