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There are Rune and Kaiza, better known as Instinkt, who deliver the goods once more in the form of two flat-out neuro tunes of earth shattering proportions.

On A side duties is Hycell. Built hard, with a stark synthetic intro, it’s 4 minutes and 10 seconds of stunningly engineered raw power. Whether you want to crush your enemies into dust with it, or just slay a dancefloor, it’s up to the task.

Lair, on the flip, is something of a favourite here at Lifestyle HQ. Although it’s cut from the same cloth as its brother, it’s very much a different monster. Leading you in with a discordant brutality, it unfolds again and again, getting harder as it goes.

LFS062 is simply uncompromising neurofunk of the highest order, made for the dancefloor and bound to induce palpitations, like good neuro should.

Release Date: June 12th
Beatport Exclusive: May 29th
Source: Cygnus Music
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