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The rise of Impact Music has been watched from every corner of the drum & bass world. Release after release, they’ve brought out cutting, divisive records which signal exactly what they stand for as an imprint. Even from the very beginning, they’ve enlisted key players within the genre’s shadier realms, always upholding the same stringent technological standards and only firing out the hottest records to grace subs globally. Their next output is no different; The Clamps joins Impact Music for another no-holds barred release, proving an undeniable tenure with the underground and representing the aggressiveness of Impact’s roster.

Since the late 90s, The Clamps has meticulously drawn out his signature set of skills, with a range of projects stretching across the drum & bass, Nuskool Break, Hardtechno and Progressive Trance genres. These extreme sounds have helped develop the style he’s known for today; a moody, industrial command over his musical soundscape, one which channels energy into every one of his productions. Finding inspiration from the darkness, The Clamps yet again focuses on the murkier side, pulling in his audience for a full-scale assault on the senses.

MK Ultra’ begins with lofty, crunching atmospherics and brooding percussion. Skull-penetrating audio crashes into life, with clattering, chaotic LFO stretching throughout the mix and encompassing the track’s hook. The foreboding intro is masterfully laid out; nerve wracking and foreboding of the chaos you’re about to be dropped into, his fierce and refined engineering comes at you fast. The track then winds up for a second time, clattering you into a half-spoken melody which somehow peeks out from behind the mix. Adding a musicality to the fierceness, The Clamps talent is clear from its very first sonic detonation.

Spaz Out’ alludes to its namesake, once again moving forward with the foreboding intros the producer is renowned for. Punchy drums and a fiery hook grabs for the jugular, with cutting samples filtering through the composition and pushing forward an extra kick. A more dancefloor centric offering, it adds a brilliant flipside to explore the diversity pedestalled by The Clamps. There’s a reason why The Clamps is so well known on the club circuit – his records destroy crowds instantly on impact.

Release Date: June 9th
Source & Distribution: Cygnus Music
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