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Cause4Concern have been an unstoppable force since their conception, a label who have time and time again proven their worth against a baying competition. Releasing cuts from the genre’s finest and most exciting prospects, they’ve returned with another EP to continue their drum & bass hegemony. Although this time it’s from the full Cause4Concern outfit, with the label head honchos coming together for a standalone offering alongside remixes featuring the talent C4C has at its disposal.

Cause4Concern were the legendary outfit which first brought the imprint together, acting as a creative hub for them to release music of a similar calibre. Since the beginning, they’ve prided themselves on distributing cut after cut of unadulterated neuro funk. They are the subgenre’s pillars, so it’s only expected that their output continues to break boundaries within the same sphere. ‘Below the Horizon’ is a cutting, twisted metallic monster with lightning production, proving the mental fortitude of its creators. A warped bassline takes you through the motions, ducking and diving between angrily clanking kicks and frantic synthetics. Cause4Concern do the damage from start to finish, never once reaching for that stop button.

Safire comes next with his retake of the anthemic ‘Born Dead’, reimaging its growling demeanour and still allowing it to channel the same ferocity. However, Safire also gives his own signature twist to the record, with his high octave energy shining through between every break. The notorious duo Agressor Bunx jump on board for their rework of ‘Ricochet’, keeping the original’s reverberating sounds whilst also working to establish their own take, with snapping LFO bass. Thrashing drums help to give the record a jauntier feel, crushing the listener under its force. The infamous jungle breaks still play out underneath; a quick affirmation to Cause4Concern’s roots.

Akrom draws the EP to a close with his remix of ‘World Unknown’. Successions of seriously weighty bass notes push their way through the mix, coming at your ear drums pound after pound. Each shockwave hits your synapses, proving why Akrom is such a sought-after asset across clubs in Europe. But that goes for the whole C4C roster - they yet again set themselves up as the foundation of the drum & bass communities unforgiving, nastier world…

Beatport Exc: 21st May
Release Date: June 4th
Source: Cygnus Music

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