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Currently based in London, the Italian trio Invadhertz has appeared and reappeared on our website with releases for Absys, The Dreamers and Mindtech. The collective has never been more productive, continuously delivering brilliant deep, liquid and even neuro releases, specially crafted for some of the fastest-growing labels out there. On stage, Invadhertz can be seen as a duo during their DJ sets and in full as part of their audio-visual project.

A couple of weeks ago we invited the trio to join our mix series. Invadhertz came back at us almost instantly, sending a XX-minute set, featuring not only the released and soon-to-be-released but also a lot more that has been or is due to drop on most of the labels they work with at the moment. In addition to the mix we also give you a couple of our questions answered by Francisco of Invadhertz.


 Greetings, fellas! What brought you together and how did you launch the project?

Hello guys! Firstly, we would like to thank you all for the interview, we really appreciate that!
Me (Francesco) and Massimo know each other since we were young, we grew up together and we were both involved in the hip hop culture. After few years we started to appreciate the electronic music and indeed, we started the Invadhertz project as a Electro music group in the 2010, where I was curating the music and Massimo the visual design. After a couple of years we decided to take the drum and bass direction, since we been always passionated about that genre. I met Alessandro at the university in Rome where we were studying sound design. We started a project together of glitch music and we published a first release on vinyl. Since we had a good feeling to produce together, I asked him to join the group and we started to make just drum and bass. So, at that point The Invadhertz was all setup. Now me and Massimo are based in London and Ale in Rome. But we are still making as much music we can.

Forming a trio, like a lot of the most noted pioneers and rapidly progressing projects, do you think  3 is the magical number in DnB? 

Being three members has many benefits, mostly regarding the subdivision of work. We could make different tasks at the same time. For example, meanwhile I finish a mix, Ale works on new sounds for a potential new track and Massimo curate the advertising and a video edit. Sometimes though, we work all together for the same thing. One of the most important point is also the confrontation and the mutual support.

As a trio, does each of you have a different role in the project or do you do everything together? 

Me and Alessandro are the producers and DJs of the group. We curate the music and we make a lot of sound design, sharing our thoughts, samples and loops to create tracks together or individually.  Meanwhile Massimo is taking care of the visual, art direction and public relation and fixing our souls making Italian food. In the end all the decisions are made together.

You are part of a rapidly growing scene, what, in your opinion, distinguishes you from others? Are you trying to gain a trademark sounding or do you just let things evolve naturally? 

Yeah, we are evolving naturally. We like all kind of Drum and bass styles so this gives us the possibility to make a lot of different things: Neurofunk, Liquid, Deep, Jungle etc.. We like a lot to experiment all sub-genres. Most of the time depends on the situation. Sometimes we feel like to produce something sad, chill and melodic so we will probably make a liquid track. In the other hand, sometimes we just want to make something more aggressive or darker going on the Neuro or deep direction. Anyway of course, at the same time, we are always trying to have a recognisable sound that define us. We hope that this could be our main characteristic: Experimenting with different style but trying to maintain our own sound.

Tell us more about your name. Its a game of words. What does it mean for you and in general?

Invadhertz. Yeah, it’s a pun. 7 years ago Massimo came up with the idea to mix the word “Invaders” with the word “Hertz”. Representing the idea to invade the sound systems with our basslines :D

Apart from DnB , do you have other projects? Regardless of whether they are individual or as a trio.

We collaborate with artists making other kind of music, but actually we are still thinking if we are going to release it as Invadhertz or with another name, starting a parallel project. Individually, Alessandro makes glitch music for expositions and installations in Italy. I make samples and I’m trying to work with that, as sound designer. Meanwhile Massimo is involved in various projects in the graphic design and visual. We always try to live working in our sectors.

You are still a newly-formed project and have a long way in front of you. Where do you see the Drum and bass scene in 5 years, as well as yourselves as part of the same scene?

The drum and bass scene maybe is one of the most longevity genre in the electronic music. It has a very deep roots and recently is really growing up, especially outside the UK, where it always been an important culture. We are thinking that this music is going to bring innovation inside the electronic music and sound design. We are hoping that in the next 5 years we are still going to be part of this music culture.

We reckon that over the years there have been loads of people that have helped you to grow and progress, what were some of the most memorable and important advice you have received ? 

More compression! More distortion!
Fortunately all the people we have met during our drum and bass journey has been always available to share advice and thoughts about production, helping us to learn and improve. Also the labels which we have worked with such as Absys, The Dreamers, Mindtech and now Delta9 too, have gave us always a big support and advice.

What would you advise anyone who's just starting with the music and sound production processes? 

First of all: Enjoy and have fun. But at the same time be focus on studying and learning too. Electronic music, especially drum and bass, it’s a really technical music, full of sound design and infinite technique, so you need to study and learn this technique and then experimenting unconventional ways. Taking music seriously means also renounce to a lot of things. Most of the times you will end up alone in front of a screen trying and trying to make tracks, to achieve the next level. If your passion is really powerful it will not be a problem, you will enjoy that. Another advice is to never think that your stuff is perfect and you don’t need to learn something else anymore. This can’t happen. For your entire life you will always need to learn. If you think you don’t need to, the creativity will definitely die. 

Tell us about the set. What tracks did you pick and why?

We choose to insert these tracks that we really like of artists that are part of the labels we are collaborating with and artists that we estimate, trying also this time to mix up the various sub genre of d&b.

We are closing in on the end of the conversation. You can add anything we didn't get to touch upon here- forthcoming events, releases, etc. 

Our next release will be a single on a two tracks vinyl out soon on Absys Records where the other track is made by Satl & ElectroSoulSystem.
We really hope you are going to enjoy it!

Thank you for this interview! Wish something to the readers!

Hoping you enjoyed the interview and you start or continue to support us!
Thanks to Low Frequencies for the opportunity to talk about us and our music!
Enjoy the mix :)


Invadhertz - Alone (Absys Records)
Radicall - Silent Voices feat. Satl (Handra Remix) (Absys Records)
HeadRead - Chopper (Absys Records)
Invadhertz - Burn (The Dreamers Recordings)
Kiril - Nightcall (The Dreamers Recordings)
Ephyum - Problems (Delta9 Recordings)
Chris.Su, NickBee - Frozen Forever (Mindtech Recordings)
Shift - Control (Delta9 Recordings)
Nucaio - Illuminati (Ephyum Remix) (T3K Recordings)
Tinderbox - Distinct (Delta9 Recordings)
Kentro - Mercurio (Free Download)
Kije - Stare Into The Sun (Mindtech Recordings)
Dottor Poison & Ethik - 81 94 fx (Ephyum Remix) (Delta9 Recordings)
HLZ - Sparkles (The Dreamers Recordings)
Neve - Wake Up (The Dreamers Recordings)
Electrosoul System feat. MC V - Wild Nature (KOS.MOS.MUSIC)
Invadhertz - Boreal (Absys Records)
Airtek - To the Sky (Absys records)
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