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After releasing his debut EP on Bad Taste Recordings last month, the Croatian beatmaker Filip Motovunski strikes with a brand new video. The visualization is on the VIP version the track "Lava", which is a part of his latest installment for BTR. The Official video is directed by Filip Filkovic Philatz and was uploaded on MA Music's YouTube Channel a few days ago. Its storyline is based on a futuristic adventure as even Filip Motovunski appears, chanting the track's lyrics. If you are reading our website frequently, you probably know for the fact that the producer wrote the text himself and this is his first released aspect as vocalist.

Director: Filip Filkovic Philatz
Cinematography: Rino Barbir
Cast: Mirko Moguljak, Vjeko Palinic, Filip Motovunski
Production: Renata Lucic
Editing / Post: Filip Filkovic
Production assistance: Vjekoslav Palinic
Scenography: Zeljka Roncevic
Production / Post-Production / Deft-cut: More-Magnets
Made in MMXVII - Video is under copyright formalities by More-Magnets 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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