Two Bulgarian artists at Let it Roll Summer 2017

The Bulgarian drum and bass scene has always been well developed. Many organizations make a powerful impression with their work and the events that they organize on a regular basis. Several crews do not stop their work year-round and keep the scene and the local events on a high level. Events with guest-headliners in the country (mainly in the capital) are quite a lot in number; and local events are even more. Although the performances of local artists on the international stage are decreasing, we can still boast with several producers who occasionally release for big international labels. But still, our artists with regular performances on the European bass scene are not as many as we’d like them to be.

COOH is one of the artists who makes Bulgaria popular worldwide with his regular participation in major world events and festivals. He is, namely, the first Bulgarian artist who took part in Let It Roll Open Air, as early as 2012. L 33 emerged as one of the most promising talents a few years ago and gained the fame of a successful producer. But the huge rise in his career came when he signed with Eatbrain. Since then he has been a constant part of the releases and events of the most successful DnB label in the recent years. Ogonek has always been highly respected on the international stage and in Bulgaria he is one of the most loved artists. Leading his own label Metafiziq, Ogonek seemed to have decreased his frequent visits abroad, but even his brief international appearances leave great impression in his multiple fans. The three names above are also the most famous artists, who started their life and artistic journey from Bulgaria. We will be able to see two of them on the scenes at the tenth anniversary of Let It Roll Open Air. Ogonek and L 33 were announced in the first phase of the list of artists for the spectacular event and here are a few words about them from us.

Dayan Kutsarov, known as L 33, is one of the few Bulgarian artists who are residing and creating outside the area of the capital of Sofia. In his teenage years the performer made a serious impression as a powerful neurofunk producer, which immediately brought him attention from big names in the business. The success of Dayan came without delay and he rapidly gained popularity with ProgRAM, Lifted, Rise Audio, Titan, Citrus, Addictive Behavior and other well-known European labels. In 2015 he signed an exclusive contract with Eatbrain and became part of the company led by Jade. That year L 33 also participated for the first time on Let It Roll Open Air, being part of the powerful Eatbrain scene. In 2016 Dayan repeated his performance by presenting his debut album 'Karate LP' again on the Eatbrain stage. In 2017 we are looking forward to seeing the performer again, giving his best to the thousands of DnB fans who will flood the Milovice Airfield area.

2017 started more than successfully for L 33. Just recently, he was introduced as a new member of the leading Bulgarian DnB organization - HMSU. After several strong local shows, Dayan started his massive performances on the European stage, representing Eatbrain in the UK, Austria and Hungary. His name is expected to be in the lineups of a number of summer festivals. But his most anticipated performance will be his third participation at the Let It Roll Open Air festival. In the year in which he made his debut at the world's largest DnB event, we did an interview with L 33 in which he shared with us his expectations for his debut at Milovice. Here is the whole interview made back then plus some additional information about the artist born in Veliko Tarnovo:

[Q&A] L 33: I can't wait to play at Let it Roll 


The name of Ogonek appeared on the local DnB scene in the early years of the new century. Coming from genres like thrash and other types of metal, Valeri Sholevski started his career as a producer, namely with the 175 bpm rhythm. In his early shows, he started performing with COOH, and the two young men quickly became favourites of the emerging DnB community in the country. After a series of successful events organized by the two of them, the guys became part of the emerging (at that point) organization HMSU. Subsequently, there was an obviously increasing attraction in Ogonek's style to heavy drum and bass, where the performer became a leading name in the middle of the last decade. In 2009 Valeri made another step in his development - the creation of Metafiziq Recordings. Thus, with his own label, and a superstar status in his homeland, and also as a high-profile artist on the international stage, Ogonek continues to develop his successful career as a dark & hard DnB performer.

According to our expectations, Ogonek will be part of the events on the Kinetik & Big Riddim joint stage. The creator of Big Riddim - W.P.L – held a show in Bulgaria at the end of February by the invitation of Ogonek and Metafiziq Recordings. It was rumored that Valeri would be part of the stage in 2016, but that did not happen. In 2017, the favourite DJ of the Bulgarian audience will make his debut appearance at the largest drum and bass festival, which means that fans will have the chance to hear his and his label’s work in its full brilliance. We‘d like to remind you that the Kinetik x Big Riddim scene was announced as a major label night for 2017 by the festival organizers. Among the other big companies is also the name of the PRSPCT label, which Valeri was strongly bound to a few years ago. Is it possible that we'll see his name on this stage? We'll have to wait and see. Speaking of PRSPCT, we hope to see another Bulgarian artist there - COOH. However, there is quite a lot of time until the full announcement of the lineup.

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