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2017 is set to be a defining year for the Addictive Behaviour imprint. Over the past few months the label has truly found its sound and is dishing it out relentlessly in the months ahead with multiple parties lining up alongside some boundary pushing music. Their second release of the year sees the predominantly tech-roller outfit return to vinyl ventures with a 3 track wax EP of epic proportions, mysteriously titled 'New Age Myths'.

First up on the release roster is the illustrious Kyrist with her cryptic tale 'The Drifted'. Opening with some incredible atmospherics you are instantly transported to an unknown land, like a ship that's sailed into hostile territories. The cinematic production builds momentum before fading out with a haunting crash. Suddenly, out of the void creeps an intricate drum pattern with sharp synths cutting through, catapulting us into new realms. The sound design in this track is extraordinary, switching and fluctuating w ith every bar, captivating to the very end.

Next in this chronicle is 'Basilisk'. A collaboration from recent Addictive production trilogy Data 3 and relative newcomers Revaux. 'Basilisk' entices you in with eerie vibes. A trickle of rasping hats and shuffles alongside airy pads swimming under the filtered surface. Then a human like cry fades out to introduce fierce bass and kick drums as this monster rears its heavy head. The track pulsates along with ferocity, the rhythm constantly flowing. You'll find it hard not to give this roller the old D&B head nod. It's sure to be shaking the foundations of dance floors over the coming months.

The final chapter is told by Mystic State featuring the gritty talents of MC Tension on the mic. 'Blurred Vision' creeps in slow and stealth-like before chopping in a heavy kick-snare beat. Then it's over to the sharp tongued Tension to give it that murky vocal lick. "It's action re-action, reload the ammo to obtain satisfaction" A nd satisfaction is bang on the money here, as we drop in to subby, gravelly basslines and hard edged drums that will make you want to reload this one for another dose of pure fire. Hard hitting expertly crafted D&B, the perfect fix for any addict.

The New Age Myths EP is a musical chronology that sounds like it's been sent straight from the future. It brings together a pedigree of young talent, all of which are destined to become big in the game.

Beatport Exclusives and Vinyl Pre-Orders: April 21st
Worldwide Release Date: May 5th
Source: Cygnus Music PR
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