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Joe Moses, also known by his pseudonym Need For Mirrors, makes a welcome comeback to Horizons Music with a three-track EP that’ll reinstate your love for his chiselled grooves and melodic production. Time after time Need For Mirrors transfers his decorated career into his music, proving that years spent in both the studio and behind the decks have created a timeless discography, littered with tracks like this. Channelling the same soul as his previous releases, his percussive rollers hint at the drum & bass which made the genre so notorious in the early 2000s. He continues to push these foundations across every release, becoming a timeless part of any music lovers record collection and continuing to pedestal the sound which has made him so identifiable in recent years.

Horizons also help to embody exactly what Need For Mirrors represent. Their own output has been seamless, showcasing both the drum & bass sphere’s most exciting prospects, as well as their more adorned counterparts. Known for discovering industry leaders, Horizons has continued their commitment to the genre’s foundations, releasing cut after quality cut.

Dead Poets’ feat. Onallee pulls you into its shady, winding chords and snake-like bassline, allowing you to enter Need For Mirrors relentless musicality. With its soft piano arpeggios and clicking percussion, there’s a beautiful juxtaposition which sifts throughout the composition. Alongside Onallee’s vocals, the producer’s melody creates a bed of creativity which follows the same tenet he’s upheld for years now. 'Virage’ peddles another slice of the artist’s range. Alongside a low frequency bassline and patterns of raised synths, Need For Mirrors reels you through a shaft of metallic-textures. Building into harder drum loops, ‘Virage’ becomes more intricate as it progresses, adding yet another direction to its flow.

Finally, ‘Tempora’ takes you on a different journey, with a path that’s barbed by snapping hats and pluming pan pipes. However, once again there’s the ingenious balance of dark and light; despite its undeniable groove, there’s still a moody undertone which moves the track into cooler temperatures throughout the mix.The full package illustrates why Need For Mirrors epitomises longevity and impeccable production. That’s the style which has made Need For Mirrors so admired. Alongside Horizons, he still stands as a tastemaker traveling into the new year.

Release Date: April 28th
Source & Distribution: Cygnus Music
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