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Fiercely satiating in rich tone and thumping style that defies stillness, UA022 comes to us in the form of the Waves EP, from none other than rising force A Grade. Deftly clutching our attention through unshakeable and definitive artistry, the 4 track release is a luminous and hefty collection that speaks through the UK based producer’s distinguishing voice, and stands true to name as it weaves a glistening web of frequencies into delicately designed yet heavyweight units that we can accurately describe as Waves.

After his release on our family members Platform Music, A:Grade strikes for another Dubstap label our website is focusing on. In the beginning of the next week, his first EP on Uprise Audio is going to be released. The British artist debuted on the Seven's imprint with the track 'Beaches', a part of the label's 'Collective vol. 1' compilation. Now he is strengthens the UA's catalogue with four brand new tracks:

Title track ‘Waves’ charters a boomy vessel into inviting depths highlighted with resonant howls and sonar-esque mids that set a vaporous scene. The simplistic and cinematic aura of ‘Waves’ paints a vivid image of what could easily soundtrack an offshore mission, with bubbling hits and airy accents holding space for meaty low-end.

Done Deal’ from A:Grade and Juss B faultlessly captures the nature of each artist and showcases a celestial atmosphere through the execution of expertly fluid percussion and throbbing subterranean bass, defined and contrasted by an overtly raw vocal loop that transforms it from earthly texture to underground madness.

Offtopic: Speaking of Juss B, his long awaited track 'Blow My Smoke' was just released on Uprise Audio, alongside another his tune 'Dime'. The EP can be pre-ordered from the label's store as a bundle with wax copy and a pair of labeled slipmats. Hurry up! There are just few copies left and the numbers are melting fast!

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Harnessing the gripping sentiment of a 70’s scifi score, ‘Hacker’ starts off smooth, trembling on the underbelly, and proceeds to offer an animated insurgence by way of it’s rousing midbass and phaser reminiscent elements, coming full circle with an aged to perfection backbone of oscillating synth.

Jagala’ ventures into undoubtedly tribal territory, mobilizing a trance inducing beat with a range of organic echoes. Drumskins resound strongly amongst a murmur of undomesticated percussion, amplified in energy and intensity by an opulently esoteric chant whose meaning you can only feel for yourself.

Release date: April 7th
Source: Uprise Audio
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