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Once again Blackout prove their consistency in picking some of the most exciting new names in drum & bass production, and pairing these with the blinding sounds of established producers. With the Evolutions series and its commitment to showcasing new blood in heavy precision packages, the label casts darkness over a fresh dawn as new breeds emerge from the shadows.

EVOLUTIONS VOL. 4 emerges from the accelerated biomass tanks hot on the complex heels of the previous, much acclaimed instalment of Blackout Music NL’s energetic EP series. The fourth part continues to excel at showcasing a combination of emerging and established producers with one major thing in common – their commitment to evolving fresh forms of diverse and heavy drum & bass.

The EP covers broad ground with the mutated syncopation and crisp dynamics of Fre4knc & Corteks track Triet Munt, the full and beautiful mayhem of Disprove & Merikan's devastating Circle of Confusion, ruthlessly efficient weaponry from Synergy’s monster Overdose and the dense auralcarnage of Ordure’s track Strike. Emerging talent Crux delivers an impatient neuro-stepper with Full Tilt, alongside even fresher Kolt whose relentless and threat-driven assault is backed by theveteran vocals of Coppa in Bloodsport.

Release Date: TBA
Source: Blackout Music NL

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