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London-based Mayan Audio strikes with another talented artist, who has debuted on the label a few months ago. Now Dextone returns to the Roklo's imprint with heavy 2-tracks release, called "Elevation / Vapourised". Showing no mercy with his club rocking style of music and immensely powerful sound design quality, Dextone has once again delivered a masterful mix of straight up crowd firing bombs.

Elevation immediately walks into your ears and unashamedly lays down a heavy duty bass line thats hooks you into the groove. A stomping no holds barred beat supplies the framework for an eruption of supercharged bass and a foray of ear tingling synth instruments. A perfect piece of dance floor D&B.

Haunting melodic keys creep through the introduction of Vapourised with lo-fi vocal snippets panning over the top of crisp atmospherics, bit crushed drum breaks roll you along a rising transition up to a filthy distorted squelch bass that is embodied in an infectious steppy beat. Larger than life bass, layered with synths and ever-changing drums that lead you s traight to the dance floor.

The EP is going to be exclusive released on Beatport just today, as the another worldwide buy options come on April 21st.

Source: Cygnus Music

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