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Datacode's cyberpunk operetta Wraithmachine unfurls the poignant story of life born within the virtual machinery of our own creation, the emergence of a conscious entity within the confinement of a limited system, an expression of the horror of that entrapment.

Datacode - Wraithmachine Chapter 1 (of 7) - ORIGIN (MethLab Recordings) from MethLab on Vimeo.

A journey through immaculately terrifying and artfully balanced sonics, created from the circuit-bent handcrafted devices of Datacode for the visceral experience of the Wraithmachine AV live show. Interpretations of the experimental audio technology by MethLab artists and guests feature, with the reworks crafting beat-driven structures that demonstrate the pure imagination and creativity of the remixing artists.

Datacode - Wraithmachine (Stromhaul Rework) from MethLab on Vimeo.

The full 35 minute AV feature of Wraithmachine is available exclusively on the physical USB or can be enjoyed in a live context as part of the MethLab AV tour. Contact us to enquire about the physical copies. Each of the Rework tracks sees the visuals also reinterpreted, with 7 videos that will soon be available online.

Source: Terminal PR
Release Date: May 19th

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