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Truth is something that is very hard to find and put in exact terms, because the concept behind the word is frequently warped by the person's idea of the world he lives in. Some people take for the truth ideas that seem incoherent by other people. But that doesn't mean what they believe is not the truth. In a world with conspiracy theories and manipulations, truth is a hard thing to come by. And when it gets out, it's always with ugly and unpleasant consequences.

That is what the Chilean Bizarro shows us with his release, Warfare Recordings' 12th one. The producer makes a lasting impression with his neurofunk skills. That, of course, did not go unnoticed by the ever-searching for new talent label. For their latest release, Bizarro provides two tracks, the titular one - "Ugly Truth" and the one we presented in our radio show - "Your False Law Will Fall". Both pieces are characterized by an intriguing rendition and memorable sounds.

The first five seconds of "Ugly Truth" send the listener towards something familiar, but every time he is close to figuring it out, the track goes on its own unique trajectory and leaves him behind, wondering. When the listener has caught up with the tempo and the rhythm of the work, it slows down with an excellent vocal part, which guides you to the breakdown which surprises with beautiful sound and style. "Your False Law Will Fall" contains its own dynamic, underlined by an added beat to the main pattern. The track has its own speed and aggression and gives the release a much-needed speed boost.

The release can be found on the distributing networks after the 19th of April.

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