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Ever since we were kids we always wondered if there is intelligent life beyond Earth. Are there any other civilizations, different from the human race?Is their technology as advanced as ours?

After millions of years of progress, an alien civilization could travel through space and visit other solar systems and planets.

Maybe they are coming...Maybe they are long gone...

Hello...Is anybody outthere?

Wondering trough the fictional realms of their artistic minds, the productive duo Betafuture represents their different lines of sight over this interstellar topic. The alternation between both artists' opinions is creatively revealed to us in the aspect of their latest track, called "Parallax". This is the forth single-release by Betafuture, which follows the storyline of project's outer-space-influenced creativity in 2017. "Parallax" is going to be released Today in both free release copy and distributive item.

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