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Back with a brand-new EP, we now introduce three new, but already well respected players in the game - Shield, Balatron and Monty. With each of their own style and texture, these boys always bring something new to the table and it gives us great pleasure to be the releasing label for these bangers.

Shield - 'Copenhagen' - The dane himself delivers his usual blend of trippy basslines, while the swing from the drums keeps the ears busy throughout the whole track. The chords from the intro appears every now and then and gives the track a soulful touch and drive. Quite unorthodox, it all ends with a jazzy solo played on some analogue keys, leaving the listener hungry for more.

Balatron - 'Way Back' - This icelandic producer is not to be slept on. With a track that sounds like a warehouse filled with explosives, this tu ne is an absolute face melter. Top shelf distortion and drums sounding from another dimension is what your ears can expect - plus a massive second drop that makes every bass lover raise their hands. Guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Monty - 'Sharp Teeth' - The magician from Toulouse closes the EP with a track, that leaves no one disappointed. With such a unique sound and flow, Monty gives us a gully and weird bassline, accompanied by his always hard hitting drums. Suddenly a breakdown occurs and the bassline goes for a serious mushroom trip, but shortly after we're back in the second drop, with more shuffling percussion and a feeling of pure satisfaction.

Release Date: April 21st
Source: Cygnus PR
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