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Club Mistape 5's birthday was two months ago. For the occasion, the club invited Stööki Sound. The guys were headliners of the event and were in charge of things in the main room for the night. Stööki Sound definitely were expected and welcomed by the Bulgarian audience. That is to be expected - the band came to Bulgaria in the heyday of their career. Having recently created their own independent label O.N.E Worldwide and with a brand new 7-track Osiris EP, the guys totally blew up the club. DJ Lukey & Jelacee bombarded the crowd with diverse bass music and Jelacee showcased his skills with the microphone. With heavy rhymes and heavy beats, Stööki Sound made an incredible first impression to the Bulgarian bass music crowd.

Only a short while after their gig at Mixtape 5, the guys stood before the camera of our modest team. Equipped with machinery far from professional, we managed to record the conversation with the guest artists. Although the recording is mared by all the background noise, one can still hear the important bits. This encouraged us to give you guys a "highlights only" version of the interview in a video while transcribing the whole conversation below.

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You’ve just arrived, your set just came to an end, how was the party? This is your first time in Bulgaria isn’t it?

Yeah, first time in Bulgaria, just touched down. At first we didn’t know what to expect but it’s been pretty sick, actually. There’s a good soundsystem inside, good people, the vibes were great.

So you’re happy with the crowd and the crowd is happy with you?

It was a good show, yeah. We had a small, intimate show but it was good.

You identify yourself as trap artists….

Nah, not really. We make trappy stuff, we use influences from Grime music, cinematic scores or we have our own music, you know. Obviously it’s easier to identify it as trap music, in a way. That’s cool. We don’t care what people say. I wouldn’t call it trap. But when you, like, compare it to generic, or what you’d say trap is, you’ll be like “Oh, they have a distinct sound” so… yeah we just kinda, like, trying to do our own thing although it may be trappist.

As you said, you put a lot of different music in your sets. Do you think that a good DJ should be able to mix different  genres when performing?

Yeah definitely, we like to bring different influences to the stage, a lot of old stuff, new stuff, a lot of genres, both UK and overseas stuff.

A big part of a DJs job is reading the crowd isn’t it?

Yeah, even when we play at a club somewhere, say here, where you might not have heard the genres and the stuff that we play, but what is important is the way you present it. If you give off whack energy the crowd will give back the same kind of energy. We always encourage people to be who they truly are, go to a place and say “this is who we are, not what you think you want us to be” and it is exactly what we are doing.

You bring together US and UK club culture. How are the two similar to each other and how do they differ from one another?

They are very different, the UK scene is a lot more underground, much darker sounds, grimy, all the bass, house, garage. The US scene is a lot more festive. But overall, they are easy to cross over if done in the right way. There are certain things that don’t work on both sides, but there are a lot of crossover things. We try to educate both audiences bringing only the best from across the ocean.

In the OSIRIS EP we hear Jelacee’s debut as the group’s lead vocalist, was that an ever-lurking idea, had you tried it out in the studio or you just decided to go for it?

It was quite spontaneous, we used to spend a lot of time looking for featuring artists so I decided to step in.

When will the EP come out?

Around April times, or something like that.

Stooki Sound is one of the three elements of Stooki, and apart from a label, DJ Lukey, you also happen to run a fashion brand. Tell me more about it, are you the designer, what is your target audience? Any interesting collaborations?

Yeah the Stooki movement consists of Sound, Vision and Play. It’s like a 360 degree view of our brand.

In three words how would you describe your parties to someone who’s never heard you before?

Energetic, diverse and fun.


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