MIX | Trimer (Rough Tempo, UK)

Storm Club, Prague, the end of February. Let it Roll Winter's afterparty is a blast. The sets of the first three artists have already finished and Trimer is expected to get behind the decks. We've seen videos of his sets and we've seen the artist's discipline behind the decks live the year before that. Although we know what to expect, something's been bugging us - how does he manage it? We'll be blunt - Harun Blisset is not one of the younger DJs in the scene. Considering how many teenagers are breaking through right now, we can certainly say that Trimer is a veteran beside them. Be that as it may, the Briton is always ready to show us that his old joints are well-greased and the energy seemingly gushes forth from some kind of an engine, hidden in his body.

Keeping the set in a constant double drop, the artist of the award-winning Rough Tempo radio manipulates his mix in a unique manner. His fingers fly through the faders and the potentiometers with such speed and precision that the mixing process seems something elementary. At the same time, both of the artist's feet are rarely on the ground at the same time. He runs at the same spot, he jumps, he spins, squats and he does everything possible in order not to be static behind the decks. The tracks keep changing in a high-speed DnB massacre, while Trimer showcases athleticism and the stamina for a dynamic performance, which would provoke envy in most people who are not professional athletes. Using music and nothing else, Harun manages to create a spectacle which has great visuals, apart from the perfect sound.

For an hour and a half the performer made as many moves as the most prolific dancers in the club. After the end of his set he offered another kind of spectacle. The Rough Tempo MC ate a few kicks, suplexes and even a folding chair, WWE style. After his wrestling match was over, Trimer left the stage. Tired and sweaty, but in great mood, the artist was ready to leave the club. Then came our offer to join our mix series, which he gladly accepted. Lots of artists accept these kinds of invitations easily, but then go to work creating the actual mix with lots of dragging and lots of problems. Trimer's case was not like that. Several weeks after the chat we received a message with the link to the mix and the tracklist. And now we present it to you - Low Frequencies Mix #48, made by Trimer, Rough Tempo, United Kingdom Great Britain.


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