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NB Audio is a independent record label founded in 2013, with a dark and minimal approach with sounds inspired by Drum & Bass, Dub/Reggae, Hip Hop & Trip Hop. On March 26th the laboratory will release its 10th installment, made by the UK trip-hop producer Yogi. 'Deep in my Mind' EP contains four dark and bass heavy tracks, as in three of them appears the Romanian vocalist Trickster Queen.

This is not the first collaboration between Yogi and Trickster Queen. The both artists firstly collaborated in 2015 for the track 'Deep Sleep' (unreleased). While the Bristol-based producer creates dark soundscapes with deep bass lines and desolate scenery, the Romanian vocalist compliments it with a sweet tone, intense and heartfelt lyrics. Yogi and Trickster share an affinity for the darker side, the late nights and early mornings and when they create together it is like nothing else they work on.

Trickster Queen

In the installment every track follows something from the previous one, making the whole release sounding as an extended piece with four different parts in it. The EP starts with the title track - a minimalistic and dark piece with deep downtempo bassline, guitar samples and short vocal verse by Trickster Queen. 'Shine' continues the main theme from 'Deep in my Mind', expanding the vocalist's lyrics in a mysterious trip over a melodic beat with short, but distinct amen break. 'Get Lost' starts with a classic piano session and continues as an intensive trip-hop track with rich instrumental and catchy vocal samples. 'Little Drum' is a minimalistic piece where the bassline follows a guitar riff and Trickster Queen adds her trippy voice over.


Release date: March 26th
Used materials from: NB Audio
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