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Santoku are well known for bringing the most upfront talent for their various artist compilation LPs and this next release from the imprint will be no different. Featuring eight producers who frequent the label, including Space Journey, Mean Teeth, dLo, VLTRN, Hijack MC, Sniper FX, Equivalent, Hajimari and Dimensional Dryft, the titled ‘Atarashi Chi' LP brings these exciting newcomers into the mix. Aptly named ‘New Blood' in Japanese, ‘Atarashi Chi' stays true to Santoku's roots, pedestalling the underground, technical sounds which make the genre so revered across electronic music. Santoku are well known for their support of fresh music and this forthcoming release will further solidify that fact.

Introducing the LP is Space Journey with ‘Remote', moving out on a sonic, sample filled composition and distorted bass rattling in between its segments. Then comes dLo with ‘Crazy', rolling forward on clattering drums and percussion that underpins the mix and adds to its weighty impact. The renowned newcomers Mean Teeth are next, with the climatic, string-lead ‘Shards', crashing into life and dragging you directly into its cascading drops. VLTRN then throw their belting slammer ‘Apocalypse' at your aural senses, featuring the grimy vocals of Hijak MC.

Space Journey returns for ‘Iron Armour', a track that alludes to its heaviness in its title. dLo too offers up another fresh cut, with ‘Automated Soul' taking you through different heights with its flying beat patterns and carefully layered synths. Presenting ‘Let's Go' is Sniper FX, a standout record from an artist who's slowly been pushing their sound recently into every corner of the scene. Then Equivalent follows with ‘You', a subterranean, nastily aggressive tech number that features the melody of female vocal crescendos. Hajimari brings out a totally different vibe with ‘Analgesic' utilising note arpeggios to form a liquid roller that juxtaposes against its spikes of LFO.

And lastly, Dimensional Dryft finishes the LP with ‘Wednesday Night'. Acting as the perfect way to bring together an album which proves how imperative Santoku is for the underbelly of drum & bass, the imprint and artists have shown just how lucrative the burgeoning drum & bass scene really is. And they're platforming the best of it.

Release Date: March 20th
Source: Cygnus Music PR
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