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"Quality release! Fresh and modern techno sound" - DJ Diass

Right from Low Frequencies' beginning in 2014, we have strived to give our fans something more than raw articles and texts. Although the organization's website is constantly developing its content, we've also developed our work in other areas. In December 2014, we started our Mix series and in the summer of 2016 we registered our label to the increasingly more popular webzine. Up until now we've had 4 releases, all of them given to us by their producers for free.

Our team's focus is on providing our readers with musical content connected to the most read articles on our website. The series started with a dubstep release by Basscatz and a techno release by Arks. The last two editions were drum and bass by Smartech and Sub Systems. The next one comes from Provocative who's been successful in producing techno music.

"The EP took me a long time, the tracks reflect different states of my life. There are 3 tracks in total. Each track is unique and complements the other two." - Provocative

"Arrogant" EP is Low Frequencies' fifth release. It contains three tracks. The titular track offers a combination of kicks, clap snares and percussion sounds with several lighter industrial elements. The track possesses a trippy voltage and atmospheric solutions. "Make Me Happy" starts where "Arrogant" ends, creating a feeling of continuity between the two tracks. The drifting feeling from the first track is reinforced in the second one and carries the listener deeper into Provocative's musical universe. "Robots on the Dancefloor" continues the trend of the release and improves on the concept. A worthy addition to any set, "Arrogant" EP creates an atmosphere that could get even the laziest of listeners to detach himself from our reality and embark on a musical journey.

Release Date: March 27
The EP is available here:

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