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Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, Mental Disorder Recordings continues its mission to release and promote techstep and technoid drum and bass. Although the label is mainly focused on young and undiscovered talent, several high class producers stand out in its ranks. Evidence for this is the forthcoming 18th release of the label, which is produced by the noteworthy Russian artist Perimetre, who's collaborating on the tracks with his up and coming compatriot LX Zet.

MDR018 containts two tracks, created in the typical for the label style of heavy, but melodic and digitized sound. The release opens with the titular track "Invasion", which possesses a powerful dynamic and saturation. Diverse elements and atmospheric sounds are combined and blended onto the background drum and bass rhythm. In combination with the massive bass line, they constitute a unique techstep track. "Reptile" is a much more aggressive track then the titular one. Its double structure and mighty kicks lend it a techstep appearance that's been largely forgotten by the mainstream, but is a trademark quality of the MDR label. In its second half, the track's structure proceeds to become a triple-based one and that creates even more of a dynamic experience.

The release is going to be available in most online stores on the 3rd of April, in digital format. In our opinion, this release is a must-have for any DnB Head, who seeks a more aggressive tech sound in the DnB music.

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