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Heralding from the Portuguese city of Porto, Fragz has been a leading force across its cherished music scene, one that continues to thrive throughout the clubs stationed there. Creating the coined term ‘Portostep', alongside his crew they invented a subgenre which pulled crowds of hundreds to the coastal city. Since then, he's become a member of Portugal's biggest electronic label ‘Yellow Stripe', defining the countries electronic landscape and becoming a renowned figure within the international community.

Blending the toughened sounds which characterise ‘Portostep' with its more melodic feeling, Fragz has continued to release music on a range of labels, pushing his rolling bass notes through speakers across the spectrum. Whether it's PRSPCT, Position Chrome or Future Sickness, there's been a wide array of A&R support from the scene's biggest hitters. And now with the inclusion of Red Light on that list, his scope has only widened, creating yet more momentum for his ornamented career.

Alongside slots at Europe's biggest festivals, from England to the Czech Republic, his sets at Let it Roll, Decibel Festival and Hardshock have been lined with fresh cuts like this next EP for years. ‘Promises and Lies' ties together the aspects of Fragz production which have helped to propel him into the spotlight. The title-track features the grimy, gruff vocals of neuro stalwart Kryptomedic, beginning the five records with an apologetic sonic meltdown. Its slamming drum loops and flying beats are a foreboding look at what's in store. Disphonia joins Fragz for their ‘Blind' collaboration, another hurter that takes no prisoners with its crunching LFO. Fragz brings out his full force for ‘Eco Round' and ‘Hustle', throwing sonic punches with the battle cry samples of ‘Eco Round' and the clattering chaos of ‘Hustle'. Impak joins the track listing for his remix of ‘Eco Round', contorting the delivery into another monster, one exorcized by its clambering beats and wayward bassline.

The full package is devastatingly powerful, drawing out the beast from Fragz production and highlighting how he's opened the floodgates internationally to the world of Portostep. Fragz is unafraid to pull his listeners into the city that inspired him.

Release Date: April 10th
Beatport Exclusive: March 27th
Source: Cygnus Music

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