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Due to we are well good updated with the things on the Croatian DnB scene, a few months ago Filip Motovunski was quite unknown name for us. We met with the artist's mixing skills at Outlook last summer, when he participated on the festival. And his set was really impressive. Back in Bulgaria, we were full-time online again and checked the information about the new names for us, who impressed our team in Croatia. One of them was Filip Motovunski. A few weeks before his 10th anniversary on stage and the release of "Lava / Shakka" for BPM, we made a short interview with the artist. A few months after we are very happy to see him releasing an EP on one of our big friends - Bad Taste Recordings.

Filip Motovunski's routes go back to a small ancient walled town called Motovun, overlooking the depths of a mystical Croatian forested landscape. The stairway to the stars. He started his musical journey through hip hop as a beatmaker and MC in his former PCP band and for the past 10 years continued his drive into drum and bass, now experienced and ready to merge both his rapping and production skills to send a message to the world.

In his newest installment which is just about to be released on BTR, you can find the very new track "Right Here" and the VIP remix over one of his latest tunes "Lava". "Lava" VIP announces dangerous times in front of us but also offers the potential of a solution, while he uses in "Right Here" the vocals of the guru Mooji who explains the essence of “everything or nothing”.

Filip's sound reveals his philosophical point of view, breaking duality by merging opposites. His music is usually situated somewhere between dark and light, “with a goal to embrace both, keeping balance”.

The EP is going to be released on April 3rd.
Label: Bad Taste Recordings

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