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Metafiziq Recordings is a label, based in Bulgaria's capital - Sofia. Created in 2009 by Ogonek and M@D Twist, the brand has been developing successfully in their chosen field - the harder subgenres of drum and bass music. The Metalight series was also created, attached to the main label and focused on releasing lighter-sounding tracks and EPs. Other than a label, the brand has also been developing as a promoter that has a hand in the formation of the local drum and bass scene. With a permanent squad of affiliated artists and a sizable number of fans, the organization has successfully created its own niche in the electronic scene in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe.

For its next release, the label is looking at Ctrl+J. The artist made his official debut in 2014 when he displayed his DJ abilities on his own birthday. Despite his late appearance on the scene, the artist had already made a name for himself in the underground scene, mostly by producing tracks that were hidden for the mainstream audience. The two new tracks in Metafiziq's latest release are exactly like those. Vomit and Breaker were created almost 10 years ago - in 2008. Despite their fresh remastering, the two tracks give off the distinct scent of the era when Reason was the master among producers. That is exactly the style of Ctrl+J - caressing the hearing of the fans who look back at that time with a nostalgic feeling. With this release, the artist writes another page in his artistic biography.

MJFZ034 is scheduled to be available online in music stores. However, you have the chance to buy the release directly from Metafiziq's own store, where it was available on the 3rd of March.

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