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2017 is the year C4C will once again take over. Alongside Pythius, a drum & bass producer who's been catapulted onto the forefront recently, label heads Optiv & CZA bring ‘Battlecruiser'. This next single reasserts why their imprint and roster of developing talent have become so renowned. However with a colourful history which stands decades between them, it's no surprise they've become a defining part of the diverse sound drum & bass is revered for. Enriching the genre with their extensive knowledge and production prowess, their merging with talents such as Pythius brings out a fresh creativity which further pushes their influence across the scene. And ‘Battlecruiser' will stand as another defining moment of this journey.

Battlecruiser' gradually moves itself forward on cranking drum patterns and slowly creeping synths cutting through the mix, edging out its atmospherics and then crashing forward on its grating snare. Every bass note stabs into the composition, with subs rattling each beat, resulting in you becoming more tightly gripped with every relay and layer. Pythius delivers his raw, unfaltering musicianship, whilst Optiv & CZA help to conjure the darkest elements of drum & bass, which they helped to create. This is a stark blend of old school and new, demonstrating C4C's contemporary standards and elevated understanding of the realm they reign over.

Pythius then goes on to rework Cause4Concern's ‘Moongerm' for the flipside, nodding to its predecessor whilst utilising his own driving, colossal production and heavyweight breakdowns. Exorcizing the intimidating, creeping dynamics which made the original so daunting, Pythius then allows the track to explode into a drop that explains why both his DJ sets and output are gaining so much attention. With a hook that snares you between breaks, the artist gives a dancefloor twist to an already drivingly aggressive anthem. Darkly underpinned yet still providing a record that'll make every nerve ending twitch in the club, Pythius becomes a welcome addition to C4C's discography.

C4C has always been about drawing out the scene's most exciting prospects, as well as its already established creators. This single acts as a microcosm for that ethos and the imprint never fails to impress with their selections.

Release Date: March 31st Worldwide / March 13th Beatport
Source: Cygnus Music PR
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