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Bulgarian productive duo Betafuture is here with another smashing banger. 'Stardust' has been released just yesterday and now can be purchased from some of the major stores or downloaded for free. The track is a futuriistic sounding DnB piece, freshly created by the Sofia based producers. This is their third installment in 2017 as 'Gravity Well' and 'The Portal' started the release series for the project previously this year. 'Stardust' continues the interstellar trip, created by the Betafuture's glimpse to the unknown, but the impending future.

We are Stardust.

Humans...connected to the Earth, the stars, the universe...

Billions of years ago cosmic explosions gave origin to all we know. We, the cosmos and every living creature originate from stardust. This same matter flows through us even today. Connecting us directly to the universe, rebuilding our bodies over and over again in our lifetimes.

On the smallest scale everything is all the same condensed energy.

Go look up at the night sky. We are all in this together. We are all made of stardust...

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