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Lifestyle Music isn't afraid to break the tide, a record label which has drawn its strength from the underground over the years. Now they've been putting the building blocks together to become a withstanding imprint that's certainly pushing itself to the front in recent months, picking up both old and new heavyweights to produce releases of an astounding calibre. The drum & bass label has always been on the lookout for upcoming talent, steadily expanding its influence in recent years from hosting club nights at the legendary venue Cable, to receiving radio airplay on the likes of BBC 1XTRA, Noisia Radio and many more.

With roster artists such as local UK producers including Artifact, Arkitech, Catharsis, Ill Truth and Revaux as well as international producers such as Australia's Lockjaw, Holland's Signal, the Italian trio Jazzatron and Germany's Instinkt, their scope reaches globally. Their regular podcasts have become a staple part of their influence, hosted by label head honcho Catharsis and label manager Piper they focus on producers within their realm. For their next release, comes from none other than Arkitech, a production duo from Brighton who have been making themselves felt across the club circuit and will continue to do so following this release.

MK Ultra' and ‘Hold Up' bring the Lifestyle Music vibes, presenting Arkitech as artists who like to break boundaries in all the right ways. ‘MK Ultra' grunts forward on a crunching bassline, with rattling loops of percussion and reverberating kick drum. Dipping between each static peak, Arkitech takes you for a ride through epic depths with the interception of monstrously distorted samples. Halfway the track breaks, tuning down its impact before rolling again into creeping disorder. On the other hand, ‘Hold Up' drags you out into a dystopian world filled with crashing drums and intimidating sonic disturbance. Clicking beats and hi-hats draw you in even further, a more understated record that still seeps into every aural synapse.

Lifestyle Music are here to disturb the order, bringing with them highly trained artists to help them do exactly that. Not abiding to the rules, they're sure to become underground title weights, with every menacing cut they deliver onto an audience.

Worldwide Release: April 10th

Source: Cygnus Music

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