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Several weeks ago James from Example Media sent us a demo of Prangman's new release. What we were expecting to hear was a drum and bass track. We were quite wrong. Chambers EP showcased a sound that rarely finds its way on our website, though more frequently lately. Garage and bassline house from the deep underground of UK was what we heard. Several days after posting the article about the release, our friend James offered us something even more intriguing - an interview with Prangman.

And since we strive to have a lot more articles about unorthodox for the local scene house and techno genrese, we gladly accepted. But it seems there was a lot of work to do, since the artist's Facebook and Soundcloud pages were mostly empty - we were going to be shooting questions blind, for the most part. Be that as it may, we managed to find several interesting topics to talk about with the young Brit.

Happy reading!

Hi, Prangman! You are one of those people who does not disclose a lot of information about themselves online. Why is that? Is there any specific reason for this?
That’s a good question! I guess I just find it a pain to do all the admin work.
I’ve never really got my head around twitter #Notaclue

Your Soundcloud also looks quite empty and it seems you are not sharing your entire music collection there. Where can we hear your tracks online?
Well, I prefer to keep my tracks locked down until I know they are sounding complete. You can rest assure there will be plenty more material uploaded over the up and coming few months.

Two years ago you released an EP for Migration. How does it relate to the label and what made you produce this release?
I’ve known the label owner “Rob Sparks AKA Kachina” for years and finally, he gave me the chance to get some material out on a respectable label. It’s taken me a while to refine my sound to the level I’m happy with.

Now, two years later you are returning to Migration with a new powerful release. What is the difference between Chamber EP and Herschel EP? What changed in you and your work for these two years?
I guess the difference is education, trial and error and perseverance. I’ve just been trying to create a unique sound. My own sonic identity.

Tell us a bit more about Chamber EP. The release is still fresh.

The Chamber EP is four tracks ranging from Bass, House & Garage. It provides a span of various genres fused together. The message behind my beats is simple “Just let go and be yourself”.

Multiple Bass genres intertwine in your style in general. What were the styles and artists that you listened to when you were young? When did the love to electronic music and production appear?
My background in music has been vast of the years. I grew up in the pub trade industry so, my father had me DJing for his pubs from the tender age of 11 (Even for his country and western events). I first started DJing Hard House and Trance which escalated to House, Prog House, Techno, Breaks, Drum & bass, Dubstep, Garage and Bassline. I even produce Disco and experiment music as my real name Dan Meldrum

What inspires your creativity? What was the inspiration for Chamber EP in particular?
Honestly, I make everything with no intention other than to create my own sonic identity. I could sit down with the feeling to make a bass driven track and it turns into a disco tune. I just go with the flow and hope for the best ha!

The release starts with a vocal piece featuring Lyndsey Murray. Female vocals are a rare thing in the British underground these days. Do you think that this will change in the future?
Believe it or not, I made this track around 4/5 years ago. I’ve never been one for vocal’s normally but sometimes you make a tune which just doesn’t need any more instruments or synth sounds. I guess back then me and Lyndsey was chilling looking through tracks that I could potentially use your talents on and we came up with “Far Way”.

Besides a producer, you are one of the main engines of the Sous-Sol Projet night. When did the idea for this project come to life? How much time did you spend developing it? At what stage of its development is Sous-Sol right now?
Ah, Sous Sol! Well, first I should let you know it translates from French. “Sous Sol Projet” is French for “Basement or Underground Project”.
My good friend Josh (JMAN) & I created the brand 5 years ago on the basis of every other event we had created previously solely focused on one genre.

Via this party night, you combine multiple interesting styles in one place. To what extent is this appreciated by the audience and why did you decide not to focus on a specific genre only?
We’ll most people that come to Sol Sous tend to have a bit more knowledge into underground music. I used to run an event called “Hubstep”. It doesn’t take a brain scientist to work out what that event was all about. Josh ran an event called “Skrabble” which was focused on tropical house and stuff. We both agreed that being bound to one genre was distant for future failure and having an event that covered all the genres we have come to love and promote over the years could be at home under one roof. This allows us to be flexible and create more hype for our events as we can change the genre for any event.

What should we expect from you in the near future? Please, don’t tell us that we will have to wait another 2 years for your new release for Migration
Ha! Maybe, I am full time employed at the moment so I'm currently juggling between two lives. However, I do have an arsenal of tracks in progress and lots of backdated unfished tracks that can be requalified. I’m currently looking at some collaborations with Killjoy.

What about the Sous Sol Projet plans for the near future?
Sous Sol will run smoothly in its own time and pace as it always has. We are all about promoting up and coming new producers not just DJ’s. As long as people keep producing decent underground music there will always be space for Sous-sol to help promote them!

Thank you for your time! Wish something to our readers!
Many thanks for your questions, This was a tough interview! & Many thanks to everyone for taking the time to read and listen. Wish you all the best!


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