Nevahrest - Platform Music's latest discovery

Platform music welcomes a new addition to its membership core. Based in the UK, Nevahrest is the latest discovery of the label. As we've already said before, Platform is an organization who has a nose for finding young talents, who perform miracles in bass music as a whole and dubstep in particular. Guided by a Bulgarian management team, the label has contributed to the development of artists like Dyad, Rufus, A:Grade, KOROStyle, Endigo, Divion, Valew and many more. Other than young talents, the brand boasts a catalogue full of releases from proven artists like Kantyze, Demon, Disphonia, Camelorg, Balkansky, L 33, to name a few.

Nevahrest's production promises a successful future for the project. With an affinity towards the deep bass music, the artist performs in genres like grime and dubstep, blending his love of the lower frequencies with another part of his creative journey - film scores. Nevahrest already has released two remixes since his entering the label, that exemplify his genre direction and his undying passion towards experimenting. Unwilling to let rules and restrictions form his musical identity, he demonstrates a brilliant vision for music, bending every single sound to his will.

Although his talent was noticed by Platform Music, Nevahrest is not a person who likes to share his music online. His work is something personal for him and it should become public only when it's finished and polished to perfection. At the moment the artist is working on his debut release, which is expected to come out sometime in the next months. Meanwhile, the underground artist tried his luck in a Remix contest, presenting his version of the track "Word to Spread" by The Funk Hunters & Chali 2na. You can vote for him here:

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