MethLab launches a concept mix series

From its inception, Methlab has strived to make their fans happy with productions that stimulate as many of their followers' senses as possible. And while many of the global labels bet only on the perfection of their sound, Methlab and Terminal Project emphasize their musicality with detailed 2D and 3D visualizations. A quick glance at their YouTube channel would take you away into a parallel reality in which machine and digital elements blend into spherical space visualizations. Controlling the video with your computer mouse you can take a stroll into every one of these beautiful creations.

In order to emphasize their concept, Methlab are starting their Concept Mix series. In it, other than the sound and composition of the tracks in the set, they're going to focus on illustrating the sound visually, which will be executed by the graphic artists in the organization. The first mix is already up on the Soundcloud and YouTube profiles of the label and their partners in this endeavour - MA Music. Here is Methlab's official statement on the beginning of this new concept:

We are very proud to unveil to culmination of our work to date through this. It's of real importance to us to show how the music we're working with fits together and illustrate our vision for this sound. Enjoy :) // Drum&BassArena award-winning MethLab Recordings and visual artist Sem Shimla team up with Youtube's leading channel for cutting edge electronica - MA Music - to deliver a definitive striking and eclectic audiovisual statement designed to excite and aggravate your brainstems while beguiling the eye. MethLab stands as a forward-thinking collective at the forefront of audio and visual experimentation - uncompromising, evolved music for the dancefloor and mind.
See the tracklist in the comments bellow!

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