Let it Roll Winter 2017 | Photo Gallery

A few moments, captured during the latest edition of Let it Roll Winter

We entered the PVA Expo in Letnany in the middle of Rido's set at the Madsouse. The stage started in a deep mood, as the Rido's session was followed by Stray's (Ivy Lab). Sadly, we were unable to enter the hall in time and missed the opening sets by Hybris (Madhouse) and Suki (Factory). L Plus and 1991 started the Factrory with Neurofunk vibe, but after Lenzman stepped behind the decks, the main sound changed to softer and deeper liquid, followed by the recognizable RAM's approach until 4:00 am. The more digitized sound moved to the Madhouse, where the line up was Neuro-heavy almost to the end, as Forbidden Society closed the stage with harder Techstep and Hard Bass. The closing sets at the Factory was made by the Jump Up titans Majistrate and Annix. But, as we know, one picture is stronger than 1 000 words. And here is what our camera pictured in the night of February 25th:

The sound at the Madhouse Stage was delie

One of the few pictures from the Factory Stage

During the most of the time, the Stage was so crowded and we were unable to take a good photo to the scene's effects

Lenzman's set was one of the most liquid-based on the entire fest

The 6 000+ crowd was excited in every moment

The rounded logo on the left is the sign of the Immortality. The robots has the agility to be immortal, but the humans has the voices, which are loading the robot's engines.

One of the sets in the closing year of existence on the June Miller project.

The artists in the duo have announced they will part their ways in the end of the year.

So, in 2017 we have the chance to listening to June Miller's last year of existence.

Staying away from the negative emotions, the both guys in the project made an astonishing hour-long set

Misanthrop helped the robots to gave us the Immortality. In response we loaded their engines with our voices. They will have enough power to exist till Let it Roll Open Air. Then the exchange have to be made again!


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