Funk Aesthetics will have their international debut soon

Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, Funk Aesthetics is a drum and bass trio that celebrates another success in their hectic year. The project was created several months ago, but the collaborative work between the artists has been going on for years. Almost a decade ago, Faith and Techdown  started the organization Underground Warfare, which created some of the most emblematic events on the local scene. Pandemic joined some time later and the trio formed about five years ago. In 2015 the boys take another step forward, creating the Warfare Recordings label. For the moment the label has released 10 EPs; the 11th will be available soon.

After becoming the crowds' favourites, Faith, Pandemic and Techdown succeed on both a personal, as well as on a collaborative level. Their gigs on the local scene are regular and the trio has shared the stage with artists like Voltage, Insom, Zombie Cats and many more. On the 7th of April Funk Aesthetics are going to make their debut outside of Bulgaria, on British land. The three artists are going to be part of the event that celebrates the third birthday of Grand Theft Auto Recordings in Manchester. They're going to be joined on stage by another Bulgarian - MC Primitiff, who has been a part of Warfare Recordings for several months now.

The event's headliners are The Prototypes and AMC. The name June Miller is also making an impression - this is going to be one of the last events for the project. Several weeks ago the duo confirmed that they're not going to continue their collaborative project, but they're going to spin at all the events they've been booked for. From GTA Recordings we're going to see Nothing to Lose & Echinda in a b2b session, Bryk b2b Heavy P, Data 3 b2b Sl8er and Stature (Worried About Henry). Along with Primitiff, the following MCs are going to be hosting the event: 2Shy and Phantom (part of AMC's Titan Recordings), as well asn Deefa, Dilligent Fingets, Haribo and Hindsight.

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