[Release] Xylophobe - Purge EP (Warfare Recordings)

After hitting double digits on their release number a few months ago, Warfare Recordings are ready to present a new addition to their roster. It's the young producer Xylophobe, who's among the new names on the Bulgarian Neurofunk scene. The artist's name appeared on the local scene not long ago, mainly on the posters local gigs in Sofia. Nobody suspected that he also has a producing talent in him, until Warfare Recordings presented two of his works in their 11th release.

Purge EP is the name of WFR011 and it contains two tracks that set the tone for Xylophobe's future works and the keyword is powerful. The first track is an original piece of the same name as the EP. The Purge starts with a dark atmosphere and a vocal sample, based on a speech from the popular American movie. The track then continues to power through with the dark hue, supported by fast, very digitized beat and bass. The second track is a Xylophobe remix of one of the label's classics - Cerebrus. The original piece was produced by Funk Aesthetics and was releases as a part of WFR007. In Xylophpbe's version some of the original characteristics of the track have been retained, but several more sounds and musical decisions are added to the harmony, which gives this version an entirely new feel.

WFR011 is coming out on the 6th of March and is going to be available on Warfare Recordings' official channels:

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