[Release] VA - Collective vol.1 (Uprise Audio)

Stemming from an all encompassing reverence for pure driving dubstep, Uprise Audio’s newest transmission ‘Collective Vol. 1’ thrusts us track by track into a propulsively resonant oasis, reconnecting our thirst for provocative beats with a primal pulse in seamless mergence. Exposing an elemental layer of uncompromised sonic prowess, Volume 1 features the vital sounds of core forces Indiji, Spec, Feonix and Seven as well as heavy hitting beat-crafters Bukez Finest and A-Grade, lacing the 12 track album with an earthy depth,  the tactile weight of pulsating  low-end compacting meticulous yet free-roaming layers of sound into a stunning piece of sedimentary creation. The coactive works of CoLateral, NoRules & Torn and Rez & Kloudmen equip the album with persuasive vigor while LSN, Markee Ledge and Juss B exhibit genuine variance and caliber through tranquilizing composition. Leveling it out up-tempo, the forceful ancestral beat of C-Side and MC Talabun deliver an irrefutable rhythm. Definitive in technical mastery and the more arduous task of channeling soul through song, Volume 1 proves itself a major artery for this collaborative transference of tenacity.  

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Release Date: February 24th
Source: Uprise Audio

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