[Release] Piek - Despertar LP (Sincopat)

Piek is knocking at the door. Let him in! Subtle melodies, superb drumming, oscillating arp-synths and beautiful vocals that shrink the heart, these are the tools Piek has used to create this dreamlike full-lenght composition. The talented producer is finally releasing his debut album on Sincopat imprint. The 'Despertar' LP comes worldwide on February 20th and it can be considered as an eclectic journey through his electronic music heritage (dub techno, future soul, hybrid beats, contemporary hip-hop).

The artist is one of the most talented electronic musician in Spain. He is from Pamplona, where Saint Fermín festival is held annually, and he was not raised in a tradicional Spanish folklore though. He grew up listening to Sigur Ros, Moderat or Bonobo, to name a few, who influenced his future works and experiments with the sound design. The  LP is titled 'Despertar', and features several guest vocals from US & UK (rappers Ryan Roush and Cheney, R&B singer Kash) as well as Colombia (RIA) and Chile (Jim Hast).

The first single was represented a few weeks ago as a separated release from the label Sincopat. It was the track 'That's Me' feat. Jim Hast and was used as a teaser before the release of the fill-lenght album. The original track is littered with delicate beats and intelligent textures. An electronic composition where Piek and Chilean vocalist Jim Hast work together to finally create human magnetism in a magical way. That’s Me is like a walk in the jungle on LSD with heavy bass lines, lush pads, distorted guitars and some smart lyrics by one the hottest writers in the advertising business: Tony Phillips.

'Despertar' LP can be found in both digital and vinyl formats. This is te first album in the Sincopat's catalogue in 2017 and marks the beginning of a successful year for the brand and the artists in it. Here is the full tracklist of the installment:

01. Intense Kiss
02. The Son With The Father’s Gun (Feat. RIA, Ryan Roush & Cheney)
03. Breathe (Feat. Kash)
04. I Saw You (Feat. HokHok)
05. F.R.E.E. (Feat. Zebulon & Ryan Roush)
06. That’s Me (Trippin´) (Feat. Jim Hast)
07. Despertar (Feat. Fábel)
08. Avalanche (Feat. Hokhok)
09. Baztan (A Tony Phillips Poem)
10. Sous Les Étoiles

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