[Release] Funkware - Dos and Donts (Funkstuff)

Short after his last LP, Funkware decided to put out a concise and far from complete list of Dos and Don'ts in the liquid funk realm in form of a four-track EP. Thus, apart from the obvious striving to deliver smooth liquid vibes, Funkware's work routine in FSR046 could possibly inspire others and Funkstuff Recordings is gladly backing him up in this mission.

Do incorporate tender chords and strings as well as gentle vocals but don't overdo it with the vocals. Do release tracks in your core style but don't be stuck in your comfort zone. Do always maintain high quality and standards but don't forget to evolve and explore. Do refer to some familiar themes but don't do it too obviously. Do create a genius floating roller with a catchy piano theme and high earworm potential but don't enthrone it as the title track of the EP.

And finally, do enjoy good music excessively and don't forget to support the artists you like.


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