[Release] Frantic - Aftermath EP (Mental Disorder)

Mental Disorder Recordings is a Bulgaria-based Drum and Bass label, aiming to find and promote talented young artists. Although the label’s catalog mainly contains newly emerging artists, the brand can also boast with releases of some well-known names on the DnB stage, such as Aconit, Maza, Inerpois, AfterAphex, Perimetre and others.

The label’s new release comes by Frantic, who has provided three powerful pieces to the trademark. Over the years, Mental Disorder have popped out with various releases having thick and unusual sound, but always the main focus has been the aggressive and high-speed Technoid Drum and Bass. That is namely the main rhythm in 'Aftermath EP', which can be detected in all tracks.

The release starts with the title piece 'Aftermath'. The track’s aggression is clearly and powerfully felt from the first second after the breakdown and presents a dynamic sound, supported by digital ornaments, which give the distinct Metal dominance of the work. 'Subsidence' starts with a long, gradually evolving intro, to transfer into a typical Technoid track with distinct duplet drum section and a thick bassline. 'Vigilance' diversifies the common sound of the release with its distinctly broken arrangement and supporting Dark Jungle atmosphere.

The release is expected to come out on February 20, as this will be the 17th installment in the main catalogue of Mental Disorder Recordings.

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