[Release] Dyl - "Numbers, Words, Shadows" (Translation)

The Romania-based experimental electronic music producer Dyl strikes with another minimalistic drum and bass release for Translation Records. The "Numbers, Words, Shadows" EP contains four deep tracks, stylized in pure autonomic structure. Focused on the bassline with just a glimpse on the drum sections, the EP brings the full power of the meditative and low dynamic drum and bass. The installment brings cold chills within, emphasized by the dark elements and atmospheres in every track. The "Numbers, Words, Shadows" EP comes out on Bandcamp on the 3rd of March and a week later worldwide.

This is not the first appearance of Dyl's on Translations' catalogue. The artist is well known with his releases for the US-based label, which are full of heavy bass and dark atmospheric sounds. The recent EP starts with the track '32' - a low frequency dungeon-like collaboration with the artist's partner Entire. The dark vibrations of the release continue with versatile breakbeats and 808s on "Numbers, Words, Mind Control" and '# (Dial)', and he experiments with formlessness in "Shadows".

Sources: Translation Records and Example Media

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