[Release] Divion - The Shadows / Ancient Era (Platform Music)

Bulgaria-based dubstep and bass music label Platform Music have always insisted on having new, fresh talents on their roster. Despite the big names like Kantyze, Demon, Disphonia, Balkansky, Camelorg etc., that have released for the label, the organization has always been proud of its long list of young, rapidly progressing artists who have a sense of deep, rich dubstep. And if DyaD, Rufus, Vallew, Myth are already progressing on the scene, they are now being joined by other fresh names that are just about to take on a long journey towards the big labels.

After the release of Kantyze's LP 'Fourth' , Platform are now mainly focusing on finding and signing artists like the aforementioned. First on the line was A:Grade, who's release- the 'Why So Serious' EP is already gaining momentum. The list will go on with a couple of more names, amongst which first is Divion. Ivan Kovalenko heils from Russia offering two mind-blowing trakcs to complement the sound on the Platform. 'Ancient Era' and 'The Shadow' clearly show us how skillful the Russian youngster is, proving that there are loads of new artists that can add some freshness to the otherwise old-flavored dubstep sound.

The tune 'Ancient Era' introduces a powerful deep charge in the combination with minimal beat structures. The wobble elements, which are a characteristic of Divion's works, can also be heard in parts of the song. The track offers that slow-paced yet densely deep rhythm. 'The Shadow' also carries that minimal Dub structure, coated with loads of digital bass elements. The second track in the release adds to the meditative sounding of 'Ancient Era', rounding out PTF024. Inspite of the similarities between the two, each track has enough distinctive traits to make it easily recognizable, both within the EP and inside mixes that include them.

PTF024 will be out on the 1st of March.

Buy link: http://www.junodownload.com/products/divion-the-shadows/3341797-02/



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