Release | DisasZt vs. DubApe: Activate / Razor [Mainframe]

Old School vs. New School - Warehouse vs. Neuro - DisasZt vs. Dubape! Veteran label head DisasZt takes up the challenge and steps into the ring with up-and-coming producer DubApe. What starts off as a battle of generations turns into a revelation of Drum & Bass music’s true essence... taking it back to its Hardcore origins, get them properly mingled through hi-tech sound craft and spit‘em out right into the future.

Activate! On its A-Side, Mainframe Recordings’ first release in 2017 sees prolific record artist DisasZt joining forces with sound wizard DubApe to fire off a nice salvo of rave stabs, the very type that’s been driving fellow Hardcore Junglists mental since back in the warehouse days.
Enjoy the flashback - it won’t last long. The immediate punch of 2017’s cutting edge drums will take you right back to the present - or even further, with a robotic voice snippet heralding the dawn of a new era... witness the rise of the “atomic droids – activated!” Elaborate Build-up science joining in a highly energetic dystopian craze and heavy impact bass growls... This shape-shifting beast was born to wreak havoc on floors worldwide.

Razor, on the the flip side, is coming deep down from the foggy dungeons of dark steppin’ underground. All grim and gritty, with snappy drums funkin’ things up, a gnarly buzzing Reese bass cuts its way through dense sound textures like a rusty razor blade - pure pressure! This one’s going to keep the shadow boxing army under siege.

Release Date: March 13th Worldwide / February 27th on Beatport
Source: Cygnus PR

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