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The next one in our series of interviews takes us to Russia, and particularly to the cities of Ekaterinburg and Saint-Petersburg. There, more than 2000 km apart, Evgenii and Igor, known as the Synergy duo, create their music. A few days ago, the project released their third EP, under the powerful Neurofunk Label ‘Eatbrain’, by which they added another superb edition to their discography. Formerly known as Segment & Concept Vision, the two Russian producers took a new path in their musical development, whose start was given precisely by the 'Helion EP'. This release was namely the reason to invite the two artists for an interview, by which to talk about the new things around them. Within the course of our conversation, we discussed their initial development as artists and as a project. We talked about their new EP, as well as about their upcoming releases. Igor and Evgenii also mentioned the reasons behind the fact that they changed their name, and revealed an idea about releasing a debut album. You can find more in the conversation itself, that took place thanks to Jef (MethLab Agency, Terminal), who was the link between our website and the artists.

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Hey, Evgeny and Igor! A few months ago you appeared on the Nurofunk scene as Segment & Concept Vision. Tell us, when and how your project has been started and what brought you both together?
Concept Vision: Hey guys! First of all - years, not months. We're working as a duo since 2013. Before we met we both worked separately. I was known as Twisted Facts and that was my solo career. I have a lot of releases and collabs with many producers under this name, including for example Brain Crisis.

Segment: Before meeting with Evgenii I was 1/2 of the duo Andy Pain & Z Connection, so Z Connection was my first alias. We released two albums and had a collab with Evgenii (as Twisted Facts) on 'I Believe I Can Fly LP'; called 'Fallen'. I left duo of Andy Pain & Z Connection, because our music vision turned out to be very different with different tastes. Andy Pain loves more deep sounds, but I love the more aggressive music with difficult grooves so I've started my solo career. After finishing some solo tracks I've started to share them with Evgenii and he shared his sounds with me as well.

CV: So as you can see we've know each other for a long time before we wrote our first track together. Starting from 2012 we have shared demos and tracks with each other and eventually realized that we wanted to write music together. We've collaborated for one week in the making of 'Meteor' and by the end of it we decided to make some fresh music together as duo.

Recently you are known as Synergy, a way shorter name than the previous one. Besides the new alias, is there something different between Synergy and Segment & Concept Vision? Is it a new beginning for you, with a new project with new goals and ideas?
It definitely is a new start, yes. In our upcoming release 'Helion EP' you can still hear the significant sound of Segment & Concept Vision, because we've started to make this EP when we were still known by that name. But two tracks from this release, 'Warrior Sound' featuring the amazing Natalie Anahit (a.k.a Miss Trouble) and solo track 'Scarecrow' were created as Synergy. New name - new horizons to hit. Keep your eyes open for that!

You are living in different cities (Ekaterinburg and Saint-Peterburg) and maybe you are working in two different studios. Tell us more about your studios and your equipment. What jind of gear or software you prefer?
Yes we are. In our equipment we have two pair of headphones Sennheiser HD 558 and Sennheiser HD 650. GBL LSR 305 monitors, M-audio M-track 2x2 soundcard, AKAI MPK Mini and Arturia minilab midi-keyboards and Core i7 3770 PC with 16 GB RAM, GTX 1060 videocard. From DAW we both use FL Studio. From plugins we use Native Instruments Complete, almost all plugins from Fab Filter Bundle. Also we love plugins from Voxengo (Gliss EQ, SPAN), Izotope (almost all plugins, Trash 2, Vocalsynth, Alloy 2, Nectar, Ozon), Melda Production full Bundle, Waves.

How often you are working together in the studio? And how difficult is it to you to meet each other for tete-a-tete studio collaborations?
We're not working in one studio, because it's simply impossible for us. Distance from city to city is 2200 kilometers. We’re working through Skype almost everyday and also separately.

Do you prefer to produce your own sounds or to use sample packs from other producers? Why you prefer this approach?
Basslines, design fx's, strange noises and drums we make ourselves, and other samples we take from different sample packs, not only from other producers, like risers, some different voice shots, fx's, also hats, percussions, impacts and etc.

Recently, you are releasing your first EP as Synergy. It's called 'Helion' and will come soon from Eatbrain. Tell us more about the release. How long you worked on it? How many tracks it contains and are there some collaborations with guest artists?
As we told you earlier this EP was started as Segment & Concept Vision and finished as Synergy. Every track we did has it’s own story. Scarecrow, for example, tells you about a man, who was poisoned by Scarecrow (one of the evil characters from the Batman universe), it's a scientist who uses poison that make people go crazy. This track show how the man gradually goes crazy as well. You can hear it from half-step start (here he's started to going crazy), then you can hear that crazy loud laugh and second drop, which are absolutely mental.

The whole EP has 5 tracks. One of them is “Warrior Sound” featuring the very talented MC, Natalie Anahit a.k.a Miss Trouble. It was an amazing experience to working with her, shouts out to Gabor (Jade and Eatbrain's label owner) to introduce us. We’re looking forward to working together again! We've worked on this EP for about 3 months but we don’t remember precisely. :)
Check our year-old interview with Jade

This is not your first EP for the label, as you released 'Mammoth’ and 'Roar' EPs in 2016. How did you start to work with Eatbrain? Did you make the first contact with the label or they messaged you first?
CV: I met Gabor in 2012, guess it all started from the collab with Rregula & Dementia. They’ve re-branded themselves as Zombie Cats and one of our collabs called 'Future Lights' was released on the 'Tales of the Undead LP'; on Eatbrain. It was my first release ever as Concept Vision. :)

Besides Eatbrain, you are releasing for Blackout, Neosignal and Critical, too. Why did you choose to get involved in Neurofunk as a subgenre, but not in some other kind of DnB?

As we told you earlier, we started under another aliases (Twisted Facts, Z-Connection) and we’ve created a lot of music under these names from Jump Up to deep rollers. But not one of these genres has the energy and very hard production way as neurofunk does. This sub-genre has a very complicated way of creation and that’s one of the reason we love it. It has power, energy, drive that we all love to hear on dancefloors.
Are you working on new tracks and releases and when can we expect your new stuff to be released?
Yes we are! A remix for Eatbrain and a new single are ready and we’ve almost finished our fresh EP but that’s all we can say for now. Just follow us on the social media to stay tuned!

What influences your work in general?
Oh, it might be everything. For example for one of our fresh tracks it was new album by Scandroid with the same title. A lot of good synthwave tracks here. Or Game of Thrones was also taken as an idea for one secret collab we did. For our title track of Roar EP, we took an angry boss and hateful colleagues, for example.

Are you planning to release your debut LP?
Yes of course, we've talked about that a couple of times but we both think that we need 2 or 3 more EP's first and then we think we'll start our first LP. :)

Besides DnB, are you producing other genres and do you have non-DnB projects?
Nope, we don’t have any solo projects because we understand each other and if one of us wants to create a non-dnb track, we will just do so.

Thanks for your time! Wish something our readers, please!
Thanks for the interview! First of all, thanks to Gabor, he gave us freedom to create all we want. That means a lot for every single musician in any music genre. Shouts to all producers we know. Keep doing what you do! And of course shouts to the most important people, our followers, fans who give us their love and energy on the dancefloors! Thank you for being with us! Thanks for supporting us!

Igor and Evgenii.


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